Agile Coach

Job Type: Methodology
Contract Type: Freelance or Employee
Job Location: Brussels
Sector: Banking & Insurance
Languages: FR & EN


The Coach helps a team or a target group grow strong in applying specific practices and adopting an appropriate mind set to their work. As it takes time to adopt changes, the Coach must spend time with a team or target group to help them to become more proficient in a particular discipline e.g. agile, lean, etc.

Next to that, the coach will also work – together with the transversal coaches – to make improvements to our current model and to embedded the changes in the organization.

The goal of the Coach is for the team or target group to become self-coaching and adept when the coach leaves.


  • Educate and align on principles, practices and philosophies concerning a particular discipline
  • Facilitate adoption and practice of a particular discipline
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Teaching/training of particular knowledge and/or skills, complementing or amplifying classroom trainings
  • Empower cross-organization coaching (mutual coaching between teams or target groups, and peer-to-peer coaching)
  • Ambassador of change
  • Empower self-organization of teams


  • Sound knowledge of English as well as (at least) one local language
  • Experience with the specific discipline(s) for which the coach is providing support: agile
  • Experience as a trainer
  • A vast experience in coaching

50% on site & 50% homeworking

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