bMonkeys takes care of all your recruitment concerns.

  • Is your HR department struggling to recruit the best candidates?
  • Are your recruitment processes much too long?
  • Are your projects falling behind schedule?
  • Is the workload overwhelming and affecting your team’s morale?

Always with the bMonkeys spirit: excellence, transparency, efficiency (and fun).

Do you need to hire
> 10 people per year?

Benefit from one or several Talent Acquisition Specialists.

  • Who integrates into your HR or recruitment team to find the best talents for you
  • Who operates on site or remotely
  • Who manages, structures, and coordinates your suppliers as a Quality Supplier PMO
  • And shares with you the best recruitment practices based on modern tools and techniques (Automation / AI / ATS / …)

A completely controlled budget regardless of the number of recruitments to be made!

Is your recruitment need occasional, or will the services be limited in time (project-based)?

Enjoy the services of a dedicated Talent Personal Shopper.

  • You communicate your recruitment needs to them, and they take care of everything!
  • In LESS THAN 5 DAYS, they present you with top profiles!
  • Recruitment as an employee (in-house) or in staff delegation mode (consultancy)

A flexible solution operating on a ‘no cure – no pay’ basis.

Using innovative techniques & tools

A 360° view to deliver maximum value

Recruitment performance consulting

Benefit from our recruitment expertise to empower your recruitment teams at 3 levels of maturity: 


You do not have a recruitment HR service in place. Let’s start building it together!


You have one or more recruitment teams in place but you are not getting the desired results. Fear not, solutions do exist!


You have one or more recruitment teams in place and are achieving good results, but you are convinced that you can reach even greater heights!

Our 6-axis method
incorporating automation, AI, tools, sustainability strategy...

Align your Recruiters with the company's values

Align your Sales with the company's values

It is crucial to align my recruitment team with the company's values.
There is nothing like having motivated recruiters who are proud of their company and the values it upholds. This is how a team spirit is fostered. Conversely, a recruiters who goes against these values can be devastating for the brand image and customer trust.
Align your Recruiters with the company's mission and vision

Align your Recruiters with the company's mission and vision

Vision, mission: my recruitment team must be aligned.

Having a clear view of the actions required to achieve the set objectives is indispensable. The teams must comprehend and align themselves with the goals to be achieved. If this is not the case, there is a high likelihood of having teams lacking in energy, possibly even resigned.
Understand your Recruiters' skills

Understand your Recruiters' skills

I need to know the skills of my recruitment team.

Gaining insight into the diverse responsibilities comprising their roles, understanding their real skills, identifying gaps, strengths, and weaknesses, enables a more strategic task allocation and enhances overall effectiveness.
Elevate your operational methodology

Elevate your operational methodology

Enhancing our work methodology is crucial.

Guiding teams to develop their work methodology, one that will enable them to achieve their goals by accelerating recruitment processes, optimizing task management and prioritization, as well as refining meeting efficiency.
Instill a culture of ongoing improvement and innovation

Instill a culture of ongoing improvement and innovation

Continuous Improvement & Innovation.

Instill within the teams a genuine dynamic of continuous improvement and innovation to make it a structural element. Lastly, boost the engagement level of your recruitment team.
Lastly, boost the engagement level of your recruitment team

Lastly, boost the engagement level of your recruitment team

Boosting the engagement of my recruiters is essential.

A committed and cohesive team is the key to success. It is therefore crucial that each member masters the framework in which they operate, understands their responsibilities and duties. Once again, it is up to the team to define what they are firmly committed to.

With bMonkeys: no theorical training, only immersive and playful workshops with immediate application of concepts!