The CSRD, no one will escape it... Better anticipate it!

bMonkeys stands by to assist you in developing a comprehensive sustainability strategy and leveraging emerging legal obligations as instruments for growth!

Why develop your sustainability strategy now?

A quick reminder:

What is CSRD?

Am I affected?

The CSRD applies to over 50,000 companies, including:

If your company is not presently enumerated but collaborates with entities subject to the CSRD, it is imperative that you align with its provisions as well.

When will it be applicable?

bMonkeys helps you turn the CSRD into an opportunity!

With a tailored approach to meet your specific CSR needs, providing tangible transformation and sustainable results.

Where do we start?

Customized recruitment

Recruiting for you the profiles you need.

carbon footprint assessment

Completing your carbon footprint assessment together (fully or partially) based on a clear and predefined deliverable.

Identification of the deliverable

Identifying the information you will need to provide, as part of non-financial reporting, that your partners will ask you for.

The overall journey in a few key steps

Awareness of the issues

Awareness of the issues

The awareness and enlightenment of the entire Executive Committee and Board of Directors (Management), as well as employees and all other stakeholders, are crucial to initiate your transformation journey towards a more sustainable future.
Sustainability Assessment within your company

Sustainability Assessment within your company

We establish your level of maturity based on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) criteria in alignment with your values and/or legal constraints.

Deliverables: A tailored analysis grid (audit report) of the current situation (AS IS), a carbon footprint, your eligibility for the CSRD, BCORP criteria (or others), based on conducted interviews.

Impact and risk analysis

Impact and risk analysis

We deliver a comprehensive and detailed report on impact and risk analysis to prioritize the actions you will address.

Deliverables: Mapping of impacts, dual materiality.
Roadmap definition

Roadmap definition

We assist you in defining a sustainability strategy and implementing a sustainable governance structure, setting objectives, and allocating financial resources.

Deliverables: A short and medium-term strategy and vision, as well as a redefinition of your long-term mission.
Scenario deployment

Scenario deployment

We accompany and guide you in the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects.

We assist you in directly engaging your employees in empowering and involving initiatives, as well as involving all your stakeholders.

Development of indicators related to the European taxonomy

Development of indicators related to the European taxonomy

We assist you in establishing these key indicators to facilitate the acquisition of funding.

Deliverables: We provide you with a comprehensive analysis grid (Opex, Capex, green turnover).
Drafting a sustainability report

Drafting a sustainability report

The European directive (CSRD) mandates companies to account for their sustainability performance. The timeframe for this obligation's implementation depends on the size and nature of your business. Nevertheless, it is advisable to prepare for it now.

We guide you in preparing this report or any other alternative.


We ensure that your sustainability endeavors reach all your employees, clients, and stakeholders through targeted and tailored communication.
Measurement and monitoring

Measurement and monitoring

We implement effective and straightforward measurement tools to ensure the consolidation of implemented actions. We work with you to define new objectives and their future developments.

With bMonkeys: no theoretical training, only immersive and playful workshops with immediate application of concepts!

Where are you at today?


You don’t have a sustainability strategy in place.

bMonkeys provides pragmatic support to craft a bespoke strategy, aligned with both your commercial and ethical objectives.


Your company is already advanced in terms of CSR initiatives, but..

bMonkeys identifies the actions already in place and assists you in enhancing and structuring your existing approach, thereby optimizing your sustainable performance.


Already committed to sustainability and aware of new challenges.

bMonkeys guides you through the drafting of sustainability reports (such as CSRD) or towards a certification process (such as B Corp), ensuring a smooth and effective integration into your existing approach.


Sustainability & CSR

Certain actions will enable you to save money: energy efficiency. Additionally, this will become a prerequisite for obtaining financing (from banks, investors). Finally, subsidies are available for companies that engage in eco-responsible initiatives (especially in the Brussels region).

Adopting an integrated approach allows for better highlighting of these initiatives and ensures that we are working on the right priorities, those that have the most impact for both the company and society (ecosystem) => double materiality analysis.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) might hesitate to invest in sustainability initiatives due to uncertainty surrounding future developments in standards and regulations, fearing that their current efforts could become obsolete.

Some SMEs may indeed be hesitant to share sustainability-related information within their company, fearing it could be exploited by competitors. Conversely, they may wish to cooperate with other companies in the same sector to reduce administrative burden.

Our methodology & support

It depends on your level of maturity and the goals you want to set. We don’t set a strict timeline but a new way of working and doing business. Our goal is to make you self-sufficient quickly. If few initiatives have been taken and management is not very aware, we recommend a minimum 6-month support program.

We do not require a firm commitment for the long term. Together, we define an action plan based on themes, and you can disengage at the end of each module (theme).

There will certainly be an impact on the operational productivity of teams. During the implementation of the action plan, we will analyze these impacts precisely and minimize them as much as possible. Remember that for each action taken, our goal is the pursuit of positive ROI (Return on Investment).

Our experts are trained and/or certified in the following areas:

Carbon footprint according to IFC (= GHG protocol), analysis of climate and environmental risks (physical and transition) by Carbone4 (also known as OCARA method), strategies for innovation and sustainable business model development by ICHEC – ECAM, GRI, CSRD, and European taxonomy, B Corp.

They are also trained in circular economy, facilitation of climate and circular economy workshops (« Fresque du Climat et de l’économie circulaire »), and in delivering training on SDGs.

They are all passionate professionals and seniors in their respective fields (finance, risk management, and project management).