of our annual turnover goes to charity

bMonkeys donates 0,5% of its annual turnover to local charities.
Each year our Monkeys and clients vote together to choose which charity will benefit.


Our mission is to provide a distinct customer and collaborator experience , ensuring that each party in the equation is satisfied and derives maximum value.

All of this is based on freedomtransparency, entrepreneurship, collaboration.

We promise you to do business…

Finally reclaim your freedom

Our Charter

Today, every team member who embarks on this journey must align with and uphold a set of fundamental principles that underpin the company’s values. They also carry the responsibility of raising the alarm if management deviates from the intended course!

Priority is given to:

Our Commitment

bMonkeys wants to contribute to a fairer world and participate to local initiatives.
That’s why we adhere to the 17 goals of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) program.

In particular, three of them:


Our leadership embodies diversity and inclusion, reflecting our commitment to equal opportunities.

We value meritocracy, recognizing and rewarding talent, effort, and dedication, enabling everyone to thrive. Additionally, we surpass standards, fostering an inclusive environment through training, transparent hiring, and accessible development opportunities.


One of the key principles outlined in our charter is the promotion and endorsement of intrapreneurship!

This means that every member of our team has the opportunity to cultivate a business proposition within the company, provided it aligns with our core activities. Any team member contributing to revenue generation (in addition to their primary mission) will share in the margin created.


Our commitment to well-being extends beyond the office, recognizing sports' pivotal role in a balanced lifestyle. This inspires and empowers our team to lead an active life.

In the spirit of sportsmanship, we enhance fitness and foster camaraderie. This showcases our dedication to holistic well-being.


Our material expenses are always guided by environmental consciousness. We carefully assess the ecological footprint of each decision, opting for sustainable practices whenever possible. These choices not only reduce our impact but also set an example for responsible business.

By embracing these considerations, we actively contribute to a more sustainable future.
Member of the Belgian sustainability community since 2023.