Business Architect

Job Type: Architecture
Contract Type: Freelance
Job Location: Brussels
Sector: Energy
Duration (min): 1 year


Our client is looking for a Business Architect to support the Customers, Markets and System (CMS) department which supports the Belgian path to a carbon-neutral society by embracing the role of policy advisor and customer partner and by designing the system of the future in which the consumer is central. At the same time, CMS guarantees the safe operation of the electrical system by optimizing the use of the assets, improving our visibility and our understanding of the system, developing methods and tools for stability challenges, automating complex tasks and using production and flexibility tools to implement a new market design and a powerful price signal.
This decarbonisation leads to multiple challenges:

  • TSOs must ensure the on- and offshore system is designed and developed allowing for timely integration of renewables and storage, whilst ensuring secure system operations. 
  • A paradigm shift (from generation follows consumption to Demand follows intermittent generation) is needed from a supplier-centric market design, where flexibility is locked by suppliers to a consumer-centric improved market design unlocking flexibility. A Customer obsession mindset: We must get closer than ever to our customers to identify their deepest needs, co-shape the energy transition with them and anticipate the impact of their electrification on the grid and connect them faster.
  • Affordability & cost-efficiency  needs to be secured & embedded in our core activities, to enable maximizing welfare, keeping the cost under control, while ensuring adequacy, secure system operations and timely network development.

Via business architecture, our client wants to make sure that implementations realise their ambitions. Business architecture gives the framework (capabilities, high level processes, business information concepts and model, product setup) for business analysts who will refine these building blocks (e.g. in user stories, details processes, information concepts (and models), …). An approach to business architecture exists today in CMS and is aligned with other departments. Our client’s ambition is to apply a data centric approach, putting data at the heart of their decision making process. The data aspect of business architecture is under construction/finalization, but will be very important in your role.

Service description

As part of the Transformation, Digital&Data and Implementation (TDI) team within CMS department, you will be responsible for defining, validating and implementing the CMS data management strategy and the CMS Business Architecture.
The duties will include the following:

  • Define the targeted business and data architecture of CMS and will determine the needed capabilities to implement it. Business and data architecture defines the framework for capabilities, high level processes, information concepts (and information model), interface definition, product design, composition and decomposition, … Our focus is on business side. We will work closely with IT but are not solution or data architects.
  • Ensure the alignment and anchoring of the CMS Architecture with the other groups entities (Assets, Strategy, Infra, CDO office, 50Htz, Division D) 
  • Collaborate closely with program managers, product owners and CMS TDI containing transformation team and Digital &Data Product Managers
  • Communicate your vision proactively to the different management levels.
  • Contribute to the elaboration of the CMS Transformation Roadmap (with the portfolio manager)
  • Get the IT architecture and IT roadmap aligned to the CMS transformation in order to ensure the business impacts without delay and cost overrun
  • Support, develop, refine and validate the information strategy/vision in connection with the strategy of the CMS department
  • Define and monitor the architecture of this information and its implementation in order to guarantee the quality and consistency of the various data domains, both within CMS and transversally with other departments
  • Animate and/or actively participate in the necessary meetings to ensure the good implementation of the targeted business and data architecture (TFO team with the other program managers, Division D (D&D, ADM) and Digital &Data Product Managers)
  • Ensure compliance with similar roles in other departments.
  • Keep abreast of the latest developments.


  • Degree in civil or commercial engineering or a master’s degree in a scientific discipline
  • Proven senior experience in business and information architecture
  • Service-oriented with a view to ensuring continuity
  • Experience in a product and platform environment
  • Experience in project, product and programme management
  • Knowledge on Customer, Markets and System activities (utilities sector) is a major advantage
  • Have a sound background in the data domain (e.g. are able to promote and select correct database technology in function of business needs, definition and modeling of business data needs according to correct criteria, …). Also, being able to collaborate on data roadmaps enabling execution of CMS Transformation Roadmap, support to define the right data governance, monitor and improve data quality, …
  • Experience in UML, BPMN and Archimate is an advantage
  • Have an understanding of relevant modern IT architectures (e.g. platform, API, data lake, container, Kafka, microservices etc)
  • Have an systemic mind and are an excellent communicator
  • Take the initiative, work independently and coordinate transversal projects
  • Speak fluent French and Dutch. Fluent in English, enabling you to collaborate internationally


  • How many years of experience do you have in business and information architecture ? + explain
  • Do you have expertise in the data topic (data management, governance, …) ? + explain
  • Are you able to collaborate on data roadmaps enabling execution of CMS Transformation Roadmap, support to define the right data governance, monitor and improve data quality, … ? + explain
  • How many years of experience do you have in a product and platform approach ? + explain
  • How many years of (proven) experience do you have in project, product and program management, including as a Business Architect ? + explain

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