Cloud Engineer

Job Type: Cloud DevOps FinOps
Contract Type: Freelance or Employee
Job Location: Brussels
Sector: Banking & Insurance
Languages: EN & (FR or NL)
Duration (min): 1 year

Our client is looking for both FinOps and DevOps roles to join them. These roles will act as the central point of reference and will support the business during the EUC Cloudification Project.

Role & responsibilities

As FinOps, you are responsible for:

  • Drive the Cloud FinOps function within the BU EUC team
  • Maintain a good understanding of the cloud provider pricing models and implements guidelines, processes, and governance to manage cloud costs and identify and achieve cost reduction where appropriate
  • Strategize and implement timely, transparent & accurate cloud consumption costing information
  • Lead the forecasting effort closely working with the DevOps for monthly cloud consumption
  • Contribute to the cloud consumption budgeting for the DevOps
  • Lead the decision – making efforts for cost optimization
  • Implement the cost alert framework for any threshold spikes in liaison with the DevOps, drive regular monitoring
  • Leverage cost optimization opportunities
  • Embed business performance analysis and support decision through financial analysis and recommendations, resulting from cloud consumption reporting
    Concrete example : on a (at least) monthly basis, review the cost, recommendations, opportunities, … using embedded (Azure Cost Analysis, AWS Cost Explorer, …) or global (Power BI) tools to reduce or optimize the cost.
  • Manage spend and benefits tracking
  • Mobilize and implement guardrails to optimize cost performance and enforce these within the organization (/ team)
  • Forecast and plan cloud costing based on cloud consumption reports and make recommendations

As DevOps, you will be responsible for:

  • Support the owner of EUC from a technical point of view.
  • Responsible for the infrastructure part.
  • The candidate has the short- and long-term views on their evolution in terms of quality, automation, costs, safety and technology
  • Define and set up IT environments in an automated way according to the needs
  • Contribute to the definition, the implementation, and the maintenance of the EUC solutions infra in their technical domain considering quality, costs, and security
  • Cooperates with architects to keep Building Permits accurate and up to date in SPARX
  • Define, build, and support the daily operations as well as the maintenance activities of the various platforms related to the products of the supported domains
  • Participate actively in the exchange of ideas within the DevOps community
  • Create and maintain documentation of the EUC infrastructure of the supported domain
  • Proactively and actively ensure a secure, available, and performing environment
  • Set up and supervise monitoring and backup systems according to the platforms used (DR)
  • Define, maintain, and explain the processes in their technical field; continually research and implement improvements
  • Participate in technical POCs and be consulted for their expertise
  • Understand, apply, and spread security rules (DevSecOps)
  • Exercise the role of Ops engineer and be able to also take on other roles (DevSecFin*Ops)
  • Ensure continuity and cohesion in the installations and maintenance of the environments and applications of the BU EUC team
  • Be autonomous the point of contact in case of incident resolution escalation, problem management, release upgrades


  • Very good skills in Cloud Azure, DevOps, FinOps and SecOps
  • Minimum 6 years of relevant experiences
  • Expert in DevOps & FinOps for Coaching new DevOps on specific technlogies (R.P., ESG, …)?

We use the pronoun « they » or « the candidate » wherever possible to include all individuals when talking about candidates, regardless of their gender identity. We believe that everyone should be treated with respect, regardless of their gender identity.

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