HR Process Improvement Consultant

Job Type: Process
Contract Type: Freelance or Employee
Job Location: Brussels
Sector: Utilites
Languages: FR & NL & EN
Duration (min): 1 year
Frequency: Full-time


The HR Process Improvement Consultant is responsible for streamlining and enhancing HR processes to improve HR internal efficiency and effectiveness that will reinforce the global employee experience. This role involves analyzing current HR processes, identifying areas for improvement, and proposing strategies to optimize (regarding HR Processes such as recruitment, onboarding, administration, employee performance, promotion, mobility, and learning needs within the organization…).
Additionally, the candidate will provide support to the HR Transformation team in its set up (structure, meeting, visibility, presentation, etc.).


  • Mapping Creation:
    • Develop a comprehensive mapping detailing all existing HR processes.
    • Document and analyze the current state of HR interaction to establish a baseline for improvements.
  • Process Identification and Improvement:
    • Identify critical and non-critical HR processes that require enhancement based on their impact on overall HR efficiency and employee experience.
    • Evaluate pain points within existing processes and recommend solutions to address these issues.
  • Change Roadmap for Candidate Journey:
    • Present a change roadmap focusing on improving the candidate journey from attraction, onboarding, development and exit
    • Ensure that the proposed changes enhance candidate experience and align with corporate and HR goals.
  • Autonomous Execution:
    • Work autonomously to drive process improvement initiatives, ensuring timely and effective implementation.
    • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to gather insights and support for process changes.
  • Senior Management Presentation:
    • Develop and present concrete improvement plans to senior management, including clear objectives, timelines, and expected outcomes.
    • Provide regular updates on the progress of improvement initiatives and their impact on HR performance.
  • Improvement Focus Areas:
    • Recruitment Process:
      • Streamline recruitment workflows to reduce time-to-hire and improve candidate quality.
      • Implement technology solutions to enhance sourcing, screening, and selection processes.
    • Onboarding:
      • Revise onboarding procedures to ensure new hires are effectively integrated into the organization.
      • Develop standardized onboarding programs that enhance new employee experience and engagement.
    • Onboarding Administration:
      • Optimize administrative processes related to onboarding, ensuring compliance and efficiency.
      • Implement automation tools to reduce manual tasks and improve accuracy.
    • Defining KPI for Employees:
      • Establish clear and measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for employees to drive performance and accountability.
      • Ensure KPIs align with organizational objectives and employee roles.
    • Promotion and Mobility
      • Enhance processes related to employee promotion and internal mobility to support career development.
      • Implement fair and transparent criteria for promotions and role changes.
    • Learning Needs:
      • Identify and address the learning and development needs of employees.
      • Develop and implement training programs that support employee growth and organizational objectives.


  • Master degree (Ideally in Human Resources, Business Administration, or a related business field.)
  • Proven experience in HR process improvement, HR operations, or a similar role.
  • Proven experience in reporting to senior management.
  • Proven experience in reviewing existing HR processes.
  • Proven experience in reporting to senior management.
  • Strong analytical skills with the ability to identify process inefficiencies and recommend solutions.
  • Excellent project management skills, including the ability to manage multiple initiatives simultaneously.
  • Effective communication and presentation skills, with the ability to influence senior management.
  • Proficiency in HR technology and tools for process automation and improvement.
  • Knowledge of best practices in among others recruitment, onboarding, performance management, and employee development.
  •  Certification in process improvement methodologies (e.g., Lean, Six Sigma).
  • Experience with HR information systems (HRIS) and data analytics.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to influence, collaborate and drive cross-functional teams.

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