ICT Business Partner

Job Type: Management Project / Program Management
Contract Type: Freelance
Job Location: Brussels
Sector: Energy
Languages: FR & NL & EN
Duration (min): 1 year

Our client is responsible for designing, providing and managing all of the company’s ICT systems, covering the full scope of business, application, infrastructure and technical aspects. Their in-house
developments are running in multiple data centres and in the cloud and are accessible through multiple devices. They also develop their own suite of Gas Flow Management (GFM) products that they commercialise and support. Their in-house developments are combined with off-the-shelf products, cloud applications and Office 365 services.


The ICT cell delivers a large products and services portfolio to the Group and the Affiliates of the Group which are located in United Kingdom, France, Germany and Switzerland, as well as to external customers of the GFM products located in Europe.
Within this ICT cell, ICT Business Partners (IBP) are responsible for the good relationship between the ICT Department and the Affiliates of the Group, as well as with the external customers of the GFM products.

Role & responsibilities

You will be able to make a difference for their customers by ensuring an excellent ICT products and services delivery. Your main responsibilities will include the management of the ICT service delivery contracts as well as their stakeholders on one hand, and the management of ICT requests on the other hand. These responsibilities require not only efficient communication between parties but also the ability to put oil in the gear whenever needed.

Your role as part of the IBP team for managing ICT service delivery contracts as well as their stakeholders includes:

  • Report on service delivery quality indicators (ticketing, timing, incidents …)
  • Organize and prepare service steering with client SPOC (Single-Point-Of-Contact) for client
  • Coordinate & follow-up (release, incidents …)
  • Follow-up the ICT governance (“Golden Gate”) by ensuring o.a. the yearly production and feedback of the Affiliates ICT plans

The management of requests from the Affiliates and external customers includes:

  • Gather requirements from clients to anticipate sourcing of our client ICT department
  • Prepare and discuss the commercial offers
  • Coordinate efforts from all ICT teams and help in the prioritization of portfolio

Your profile

You have already inferred from the description above that coping with cultural differences and mastering communication, helping in resolving conflicting priorization and understanding a large range of products and services are your everyday challenges. In order to succeed in your endeavour, we think that the following skills will be very helpful:

  • You gained customer centric a(p)(t)titude in an international environment
  • You bring structure and help both the customers and ICT teams to prioritize the delivery of ICT products and services
  • You keep focus even though you will deal with lots of activities, some unplanned
  • You have strong interpersonal skills, and are particularly comfortable in dealing with intercultural challenges allowing you to easily make the bridge between our customers and our ICT teams, from ICT technicians up to Affiliates Managing Directors
  • You can use assertiveness but also empathy when needed from both customers and ICT teams perspectives
  • You like to work in a transparent culture where giving and receiving feedback is much appreciated
  • You have the willingness to learn the business context (as well as the one of the external customers) to understand how it is supported by the ICT products & services portfolio
  • You are fluent in Dutch, French and English, spoken and written
  • You have at least 10 years of ICT experience (project manager, business analyst or the like) in an international environment

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