Innovation Manager

Job Type: Project / Program Management
Contract Type: Freelance or Employee
Job Location: Brussels
Sector: Energy
Languages: FR & EN
Duration (min): 1 year
Frequency: Full-time


Digitalization breaks down boundaries: The TSO of the future will be a fully digital system where borders will fade away both between different business units as well as between different steps in the energy value chain. Therefore we are preparing our infrastructure for a data intensive future. For the Group, the digital transformation is a strategic choice to ensure the management of the system of the future.
This is why our client need you… The Innovation Manager is characterized by taking new initiatives, experimenting and thinking beyond set structures and boundaries.  If you find these characteristics in yourself and if you have entrepreneurial experience either in a start-up or a larger company, or if you are at least an entrepreneur at heart, you might be their future Innovation Manager.

The ambitious infrastructure extension required to better integrate renewables, coupled with the continuous need of maintenance of the asset is raising many challenges to which innovative solution could answer. Artificial intelligence to predict maintenance, virtual reality to better prepare construction or drones and robots for inspection are only few examples of what innovation can bring to our business. Therefore, they are then looking at accelerating innovation development in the field of Asset management and infrastructure development.
The Innovation Manager will be working in the newly established flexpool and will mainly focus on delivery innovation project in different field of the Group.


  • Stimulating the sense of innovation within the Group company by taking various awareness initiatives and independently managing your own portfolio;
  • Connecting and building a digital ecosystem linked to the development innovation initiatives (e.g. innovative offshore, mixed reality for the infrastructure analysis…);
  • Identifying the needs for innovation, and launching the projects and structures to realize them;
  • Collaborating with the different entities of the Group to work out strategic and innovative projects at Group level;
  • Realizing or contributing to strategic analyses as requested by the Executive Committee in order to guide the Group in the requested direction;
  • Managing a part of our external partner’s network (Transmission System Operators, Distribution System Operators, Universities, Start-ups, suppliers, etc.);
  • Representing the company or the Group in various organizations and innovation forums (like ENTSO-E, EASE etc.);
  • Actively contributing to the content of innovation projects in order to ‘innovate’ Group’s various departments;
  • Setting and leading your own pilots in order to test innovative concept and technologies according to the identified needs. Efficient coordination with various departments in the company, external partners and technology Providers.


  • Degree in commercial or civil/industrial engineering;
  • Minimum 2 years experience in Transmission System Operator (TSO) Business or in the innovations management of utility companies;
  • Experience in the field of Asset Management is a must, experience in System Operation or in the field of energy market mechanisms is also valorized;
  • Good basic knowledge of project management, with some successful realizations;
  • Capacity to work autonomously in an international environment;
  • Will to spend a few days per month abroad to work out projects in collaboration with international partners and companies of the Group;
  • Fluency in English (written and spoken).

Questions to answer

  • How many years of experience in Transmission System Operator (TSO) Business or in the innovations management of utility companies? + explain
  • Experience in the field of Asset Management? + explain
  • Education? + explain
  • Give 2 realizations in project management.

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