IT Functional analyst – Expert

Job Type: Analysis
Contract Type: Freelance or Employee
Job Location: Brussels
Sector: Banking & Insurance
Languages: EN & (FR or NL)

Mission context :

BNPP Fortis and bpost have reached an agreement on the acquisition of 100% of the shares of bpost bank by BNPP Fortis.

To successfully integrate Bpost Bank, specific workstreams have been identified, including customer and products (Daily Banking & Pay, Invest, Protect, Lending), as well as legal, compliance, risk, finance, HR, sales, marketing and communication.

Given the multitude of Workstreams, to ensure coordination of the migration from bpost bank to BNPPF, we installed a central “Fold-In” (migration) delivery office, with following objectives:

  • Ensure a holistic and consistent view of the “fold-in” plan
  • Define an E2E migration plan based on multiple workstreams migration plans
  • Avoid overlap or gaps between streams
  • Raise/Collect and mitigate transversal risks & issues
  • Support transversal business & IT decisions
  • Identify dependencies with other initiatives (Internal & external)

Within the E2E data migration there is specific attention to the data reconciliation. An important verification phase during a migration where the target data is compared against the original source data to ensure the migration architecture has transferred the data accurately without errors. It is possible for mistakes to be made in the mapping and transformation logic. This could result in broken transactions and corrupt data. Underlying issues could be missing records, missing values, broken relationships across tables, etc.

As we are migrating a full core bank including financial ledger, there are multiple angles of reconciliation, most notably:

  • Reconciliation/Verification of the source: Extract from bpost bank and correctly receiving at BNPPF before transformation (checksums) – mainly with technical verifications
  • Reconciliation after transformation: Transformation of the data into the format of the target systems at BNPPF – again checksums but also with business reconciliation/verification (i.e. sum of the total balances in EUR on client accounts at bpb and BNPPF, …)
  • Financial reconciliation: Financial system of bpost bank reconciled/matched with financial system BNPPF after migration
  • Operational-Financial reconciliation: Back-end systems of BNPPF versus Financial systems of BNPFF

Function description

As an end-to-end Reconciliation analyst (senior/expert), you will be responsible for:

  • Defining the reconciliation model (requirements) in the core bank migration, from bpost bank to BNPPF, from multiple perspectives:
    • Source verification
    • Reconciliation of the transformation from source to target on the back-end (for Daily Banking, Invest, Lending, …)
    • Operational-Financial reconciliation (back-end versus ledger)
  • Support each of the workstreams (daily banking, invest, lending, …) with translating the reconciliation requirements in the ETL building blocks that are created
  • Resolve migration/reconciliation roadblocks, as we will be confronted with many problems migrating from monolithic core bank package to a scattered landscape of applications in BNPPF. Manage assigned risks and monitor potential impacts of the data migration plan
  • Work with subject matter experts and project team to identify, define, collate, document and communicate the data migration reconciliation requirements
  • You help analysing and resolving the ETL and migration issues as part of UAT and regression testing
    Perform data migration reconciliation and exception reporting (reconciliation dashboards)
  • For this you will work together with the stakeholders involved within BNPP Fortis and the different team members of the Integration Office/Fold-In delivery office.
  • You will report to the ‘Fold-In’ delivery office.

Language requirements:

  • English Fluent
  • Dutch or French – Fluent

Education – Certification – Travel – Telework

Expectation: 50% on site & 50% homeworking

Required experience

knowledge At least 5 years of relevant experience – in a migration project, preferably in a banking environment

Technical experience


  • Knowledge on data reconciliation – comparing target to source data after transformation, where it concerns a back-end (core bank) migration. Not only focused on financial (ledger) reconciliation.
  • Demonstrated skills as analyst to document requirements properly; making the bridge with the ETL developers

Business experience


  • You have experience in an agile environment, preferably in significant transformation initiatives.
  • You know the BNPP Fortis organisation and are familiar with the Tribe set-up.

Soft skills

  • You are accurate and pay attention to detail
  • You have strong problem-solving capabilities and excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • You easily build bridges between people and stakeholders

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