Product Manager Savings & Invest

Job Type: Product Management
Contract Type: Freelance
Job Location: Brussels
Sector: Banking & Insurance
Languages: FR & NL & EN
Duration (min): 6 months


The candidate is the second hand to the manager of Saving Invest .

The candidate is:

  • Able to put yourself in the shoes of a customer, the distributor and in the shoes of our client.
  • Able to lead meetings, as with people of operations, marketing, legal or more technically skilled people (IT, reporting data, …).
  • Structured and help the business to design everything, so specifications can be delivered on time.
  • Help the business to offer constructive solutions and detail them to ensure the project and ‘ongoing concerns’ can be delivered on scope and on time.
  • Elaborate the business specifications and make supports to show concept to higher management.


  • Minimum 2/3 years experience in product management
  • Preference for someone with an affinity with investment products (knowledge in insurance
    investment products like B23 is an asset)
  • Ability to analyse excel data (commercial , financial result) and draw conclusions on those data
  • Have an analytical mind, be able to explain a complex subject in a simple but correct way
  • Be able to elaborate power point slides or to convince the management
  • The candidate can detail the specifications needed to develop a product (including process flow on a high level view, commercial supports and regulation/tax topics)
  • The candidate can take into account the commercial documents and communications
  • Be able to elaborate commercial supports : vide, ‘front end’ tools, …
  • The candidate is an enthusiastic passionate person who likes things going forward
  • Good oral and written communication
  • Able to work in group but also autonomous
  • Be able to pull a project or ‘ongoing concerns’ (run activities), not only as a project leader but also invest in the content and make it your own

We use the pronoun « they » or « the candidate » wherever possible to include all individuals when talking about candidates, regardless of their gender identity. We believe that everyone should be treated with respect, regardless of their gender identity.

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