Product Owner (Consumer Centricity Products) x2

Job Type: Analysis
Contract Type: Freelance or Employee
Job Location: Brussels
Sector: Energy
Duration (min): 1 year


Our client is facing one of its major challenges: powering the decade of electrification. The energy transition and the massive electrification will accelerate in the coming months and years.

Increasing shares of sustainable energy resources and massive electrification generate a paradigm shift in the consumption behavior: demand will have to adapt to the available production. One of the key solutions is to foster the development of flexibility and, in particular, to unlock the flexibility located behind the head-meter of the consumer, while keeping this process seamless and beneficial for the consumer. In other words, the consumers and prosumers should be incentivized to consume when energy is largely available, which in the energy transition could be synonym of renewable greener energy.

Service description

Implementation of digital products & platforms

  • Participate to the deployment of the Consumer Centric vision to further unlock flexibility at all voltage levels, potentially ensuring new value streams for the Group
  • More specifically:
    • One product owner will working on unlocking flexibility through the sustainable value of the flexibility
    • The other product owner will be contributing to developing the API portals to unlock flexibility through partnering commercial third parties
  • Lead the implementation of the products and functionalities under your responsibility
  • Challenge design principles, technical solutions and define operational processes
  • In the context of our product approach, take the defined roles in the Product Team’s ceremonies
  • Manage the resources and budget in collaboration with all parties involved
  • Ensure products and services are developed with an eye on the digital transformation and platformisation strategy of the Group
  • Coordinate with other Product Owners with regards to the releases of products to same customer segment.

Support Elia Stakeholders

  • Support our client’s current and future customers to build or access new services based on their needs
  • Support Energy Services Providers to build new solutions based on the services developed with Consumer Centricity product cluster
  • Participation to events, conferences and workshops with Elia Stakeholders pertaining to the products and services in scope
  • Collaboration with other actors within the energy sector to develop common approaches and integrated solutions
  • Ensure understanding and implementation consistent with local (Belgium or Germany) responsibilities and opportunities
Key activitiesResults
Product visionDevelop, formulate and communicate a vision for the product in line with the product line vision, sector opportunities and customer needs. Understand market segment and market size, as well as ROI.Guidance, focus and opportunities for the product team, enabling as a result, products that meet customer expectations
Product roadmapDevelop and communicate the product roadmap/release plan (product features, prioritization, release timelines, etc.) based on customer needs, technical solutions and the product line roadmap.Clearly defined releases of the product that aligns product development activities, facilitates resource allocation and drives timely product launches.
Stakeholder managementInitiate, develop and maintain contacts with (internal) customers and other relevant stakeholders, as well as represent these stakeholders within the own team in close collaboration with Customer Success Managers or Key Account Managers.Customer needs are understood, the backlog represents these needs and agreements are clearly communicated and managed. Stakeholder
Backlog managementBuild, update and maintain the product team’s backlog, prioritise user stories, based on customer insights and stakeholder requirements. Follow the burn down of the backlog items closely during the sprints.Efficient development cycles with valuable features that lead to the required business value.
QualityEnsure the product meets predefined quality standards, conduct tests and monitor product performance.Delivery of high-quality products that meet customer expectations.
Release planningCoordinate, facilitate and communicate product releases and ensure the right features are delivered at the right time.Smooth and successful product releases that drive customer adoption and satisfaction.
OperationsEnsure that after delivery the product can run smoothly in operations, including the development of an operational model to respond to the service level agreed with the customers.Service Level Agreement and development of Operational Model to sustain.
Agile ceremoniesParticipate in scrums and product related ceremonies (incl. daily stand-up meetings, sprint planning meeting, demonstration, sprint review and sprint retrospectives etc.).
Contribute to the continuous improvement of the product approach within Elia Group.
Agile and efficient understanding of progress and obstacles, improved personal/team performance and faster turnaround time


  • Very good communication and trilingual skills (EN FR/NL – spoken and written)
  • Minimum of 4 years of experience as a Product Owner or Product Manager for digital software products.
  • Ability to integrate technical knowledge and work hand-in-hand with technical profiles
  • Experience in the energy sector, good knowledge of the Belgian energy market is a clear plus
  • Ability to work in a fast evolving environment and to quickly integrate updates
  • Solving spirit and pro-active: propose solutions or alternative to move forward
  • Customer oriented and autonomous
  • Team spirit, intrapreneurial and results oriented


Experience as a Product Owner or Product Manager for digital software products: YES/NO + explain

We use the pronoun « they » or « the candidate » wherever possible to include all individuals when talking about candidates, regardless of their gender identity. We believe that everyone should be treated with respect, regardless of their gender identity.

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