Sustainability Consultant Implementation CSRD for insurance

Job Type: Sustainability
Contract Type: Freelance
Job Location: Brussels
Sector: Banking & Insurance
Languages: EN & (FR or NL)
Duration (min): 6 months
Frequency: Part-time

What is the CSRD and the ESRS?

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is a European legislation in force since 5 January 2023. It requires companies to transparently report annually on their sustainability policies and results. What exactly must be included in the reporting is determined for each topic by the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS). These standards were approved by the European Commission on 31 July. With this new directive, companies will be better compared and monitored in terms of sustainability.

The consultant will need to advise and support our client, should set aside some time for this, but certainly not a full-time job. The candidate needs to submit a proposal on how to tackle this project and make a price offer – time estimate at that time. The candidate should obviously have experience with CSRD and be able to demonstrate this with references, as well as its implementation at other financial institutions.

Role & responsabilities

Supporting, guiding and advising our client if the implementation process of CSRD regulations starting by the identification & selection of key stakeholders performaning the double materiality assessment doind a gap analysis and identification of the data required to report according to this directive.

7 steps of the CSRD double materiality assessment:

  • Step 1: Identify and engage stakeholders
  • Step 2: Draw up a list of potentially relevant sustainability matters
  • Step 3: Define impacts, risks and opportunities
  • Step 4: Assess impacts
  • Step 5: Assess financial opportunities and risks
  • Step 6: Draw up the materiality overview
  • Step 7: Strategic implications

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